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Three types of Volunteer Befriending

Home Link Family Support provides three types of befriending service to families with young children in South Edinburgh and Midlothian who are under stress or experiencing difficulties.

The Family Support Service

South Edinburgh & Midlothian Volunteer Befrienders are carefully matched with a suitable family to offer emotional and practical support in the family's own home. They then visit the family every week for two hours for a year.

Every family is different but most are feeling lonely and isolated. They need someone to really listen to them, help them get out for some fun and get more connected to their local community. The reliable, undemanding support of a Befriender can make a real difference to the whole family. All our volunteers get full expenses, a thorough training course and regular supportive meetings with a Project Worker. We have Volunteer Training courses four times a year.

Antenatal Service

Taking place in Edinburgh only, Home Link Family Support's new Antenatal Service offers support to families who are expecting a baby which may be at risk. Sometimes these parents may struggle to establish positive attachment with their baby and may find it difficult to provide a safe and nurturing environment.

Our volunteers work with the parents and other significant people in their lives. Together, they create a support plan designed to build on their strengths and identify areas where support is needed.

We need volunteers with some experience of childcare, nursing, caring or parenting. If you are a looking for a more challenging but very rewarding volunteering opportunity and could commit 2-3 hours a week for at least nine months, this could be just what you are looking for.

Young Parents' Befriending  

Taking place in Midlothian only, this new service focuses on parents under 25, often teenagers who have had disrupted childhoods themselves. The befriending takes place in the family home for a few hours a week and will last for about 18 months, fully supported by a Project Worker. 

Volunteers will need to be caring, reassuring and encouraging to these vulnerable young parents who may be leading quite chaotic lives with little or no wider family support. 

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