The power of a volunteer armed with a Bookbug!

The power of a volunteer armed with a Bookbug!

18.10.2018 - 15:02

Have you ever met a Bookbug?  They are delightfully fluffy yellow creatures that love to help little children to use books.  Our volunteers often take a Bookbug with them when they visit the families they are supporting

Recently a family in Midlothian was referred to Home Link Family Support as mum was feeling quite isolated.  Dad often away with work and mum felt stuck at home with her 3-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son.  The family were new to the area and mum felt unable to get out with the kids, tired and the thought of playing and reading with them overwhelmed her at times.

A Home Link Family Support coordinator met the family and spent some time getting to know them, and then matched them with a weekly volunteer.  The volunteer had recently attended Book Bug At Home training which was part of Home Link’s Volunteer training opportunities.  This meant the volunteer felt confident about singing and reading with children, and was able to take along her Bookbug and a wonderful bag of books and resources.  The kids loved her weekly visits and looked forward to having cuddles with Bookbug while exploring the books together.

The volunteer visited every Tuesday, for a year and her visits included many other activities such as trips to the park, the library and the museum. Gradually mum was able to see how well the kids responded to books and Book Bug and she started to get involved. When dad came home from work, he was happy to join in too.  When the match ended both Mum and Dad said what a huge difference this had made - books, rhymes and singing had become a regular fun part of family life and that the children would often ask for books and songs before bed. 

Rachel Almeida

Midlothian Young Parents Support Coordinator