Look, someone like me!


Look, someone like me!

26.10.2018 - 11:37

Helen Gault is the Antenatal Coordinator supporting families before and after their babies are born,in Edinburgh.

This week I took a Mum and her 12 week old baby to a PEEP group.

Jill has been suffering from anxiety and has not been feeling able to go out much since her baby,Lily's birth.

“I have forgotten how to have a conversation with people” she said, “people are talking about doing this and that, and I just sit there."

It has taken us a few weeks to work up to getting to the group, but this week Jill decided that she was going to push herself despite still feeling very anxious. We got to the group first and settled Lily on one of the play mats, she loved looking around at all the new colours and shapes and lay chatting away.

There were only a couple of other Mums there with their babies and Jill found that she was able to join in with the conversations, which were mainly about nappies and sleep! The babies created a distraction whenever there was a lull in conversation.

Lily got a bit bored lying down so Jill sat her up on her knee. Lily suddenly noticed Mia sitting across from her and was fascinated. Jill said that this was the first time that Lily had seen another baby. Mia was smiling and Lily smiled and babbled back.

At the end of the group, Jill said that she had loved seeing how much Lily had got out of it and that she had actually really enjoyed it. She was glad she had pushed herself to go and said that she would come again next week.

Going along to the group helped Jill feel better and gain a little confidence, Lily experienced new surroundings and interaction with peers and other adults. Hopefully Jill will continue to attend and feel less isolated and less overwhelmed and anxious.