Our 30th Birthday party was amazing!

Children's party

Our 30th Birthday party was amazing!

16.10.2015 - 15:14

We celebrated our 30th Birthday this week (though we still look 25 honest).

Families and volunteers had a wonderful time choosing crafting sessions.  The children made rag dolls, autumn pictures, rattly bottles, model figures, and everything you can think of from a paper plate.

Brilliant entertainment was laid on by Tricky Ricky and we had funny food related stories from Mrs Mash and her knitted mice.  Lewis Notarangelo from Immagine set up a photo studio and took incredible family portraits.  Faces were exquisitely painted with delicate stars and rainbows and this marvellous cheeky dog.

Liberton Green Watch even brought their fire engine and let the children clamber all over it.

We couldn't have done it without a fantastic team from Standard Life who came to help (I think they'll be booking Tricky Ricky for their Christmas do).