Our Aims & Objectives

Child clapping

To provide support to statutory and other voluntary-sector services in Edinburgh and Midlothian to help reduce disadvantage to families with young children.

Mission Statement

Working in partnership with families to give children a positive start to secure better life outcomes.

Guiding Principles

Home Link Family Support will meet the needs of families seeking our help by:

  • Providing home-based, non-judgemental and focused person-centred support from Volunteer to reduce stress and isolation and increase confidence and health/wellbeing for all family members. We take a family-learning approach, ensuring parents understand the important role they play in their child's development. Our Volunteers deliver support that focuses on the encouragement of opportunities for play, reading/story telling, singing and crafting.
  • Carrying out regular reviews with every family to ensure the correct level of support is being maintained and to facilitate changes to support plans where families have experienced a change in circumstances.
  • Working with families by encouraging and supporting them to engage with Home Link Family Support and other organisations.
  • Liaising with other voluntary and statutory organisations to ensure families are able to access all available support.

Home Link Family Support supports its volunteers and staff by:

  • Having a strong framework of appropriate guidelines, policies and procedure
  • Providing induction and ongoing training at all levels
  • Providing regular support and supervision sessions